De Onderneemster

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Welcome on our female business club for personal and professional health! It’s about connecting with like-minded people, lifting each other up and growing together.
The goal is to live the life you love and love the life you live, so we can live our best lives. 
Entrepreneurship in 2022 isn’t working harder, but working sustainably! Sustainable entrepreneurship begins by taking ownership over yourself and your life. That’s where power comes from! The better you take care of yourself, the better your business flows and you can invest in others. When there’s balance in body and mind you stay happy and healthy, and you’ll have success in a relaxed manner. Girls just wanna have fun, so check our offer down below!



Are you looking for balance in body and mind and do you want to energize your day? Then join our vitality small grouptraining or well-being training!


Would you like to meet up, co-create, inspire and motivate with like-minded people? Check our options to book a workplace or meeting space!


Do you want to develop yourself on a personal and professional level? Ignite the flame in your heart? Then read our mentoring offer here!


Success is about the way you handle yourself and what you create from there. Check out our calendar for activities and training courses in the coming month.


Hester Charlotte

My name is Hester Charlotte, manager of a blended family with 5 boys, graduated in Social Work and a passionate businesswoman since 2015. I’m a positive health trainer and with De onderneemster I’m building an online and offline intercultural business community for health, connection, and growth.


Research tells that people need connecting to each other, get support, and develop personally.
Entrepreneurship can be pretty lonely at times. I’m from a mixed background and have traveled and worked abroad, so I’m also aware of the challenges that come with it for people. That’s why I started looking for co-creations with like-minded people myself and wanted to expand that by creating an intercultural business community.


Life is about what you give. It’s my mission to give back to the community, so that all can flourish. That’s why I invest in people with fewer opportunities. If this is something that inspires you as well, please join and let’s build something great together. Together we go further!


Do you want to know what we can do for you or do you run in to something? Then please get in contact!



De Onderneemster is an intercultural business community for heart driven entrepreneurs. It’s a total concept where health, connection, and growth come together.

Positive health
Entrepreneurship is about how you handle yourself and what you create from there. That’s why it’s important to work on your health in a positive way, so you there’s a balance between tension and relaxation.
To balance your energy, we designed a vitality training and a well-being training. The vitality training gives you an energy boost by activating the body. The well-being training teaches you how the work in a relaxed way, so you won’t burn-out and can be sustainably successful.

Co-working & meeting
We offer a co-working and meeting space where you’ll be a part of a community of like-minded people that like to inspire, motivate and support each other.


If you like to start, develop, or transform a heart driven business, you can apply for a quick scan to see if the 1:1 mentoring suits you.
On the calendar we offer online and offline activities and training courses for personal and business development.

In short, at De Onderneemster you can be successful in a relaxed way!