De Onderneemster

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Welcome to our Female Business Club for personal and professional health! It’s about connecting with like-minded people, lifting each other up and growing together.
The goal is to live the life you love and love the life you live, so we can live our best lives and share it with others. 
Entrepreneurship in 2022 isn’t working harder, but working smarter! It begins by taking ownership over yourself and your business. That’s where real power begins, so check out our offer down below!







Hester Charlotte

My name is Hester Charlotte, manager of a blended family with 5 boys, graduated in Social Work and a passionate businesswoman since 2015. I’m a performance trainer & coach for entrepreneurs and professionals. With De Onderneemster I’m building an on- and offline intercultural business community for health, connection, and growth.


Research tells that women feel the need connect to each other, get support, and develop personally. De Onderneemster facilitates a save place where you find all three!

Together we go further!

Life is about what you give. Let’s support each other and other women aswell, so that all can flourish. That’s why De Onderneemster invests in women with fewer opportunities. If this is something that inspires you as well, please join us, so we can build something great together!



De Onderneemster is an intercultural business community for fempreneurs. It’s a concept where connection, support, and growth come together.

Entrepreneurship is about network. There’s a business event ones a month so you can connect to each other, grow your entrepreneurial skills, and have a great time!

We offer an on- and offline academy for our members. De Onderneemster organizes monthly training and uploads new training on our website on a regular base.

If you like to start, develop, or transform a heart driven business, you can apply for a quick scan to see if the 1:1 mentoring is for you.
On the calendar we offer online and offline activities and training courses for personal and professional health.

Sharing is caring! De Onderneemster makes sure that 10% of all the income goes to women in need who want to start their own business.

In short, at De Onderneemster you can be successful in every way!